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We provide hundreds of resources, tips, and tools for choosing a career, selecting the right course, financing a college degree or vocational skill, and finding the right job after college. Our online search tools provide information on over 8,000 colleges, plus detailed state-by-state profiles to help prospective students make informed decisions about where to study. Whether you are a high school student exploring your career options or a working adult looking to switch careers, we have the resources to help you make the right call. 

College Mouse provides a number of features and resources to help you research your career and college options. 

  • Careers and Jobs: College Mouse has the tools to make the process of choosing a career easier for you. Our careers section lists nearly a thousand different careers. Each ‘how to become’ job profile features a detailed job description, as well as information on the education and degree requirements, salary, job outlook, and unemployment rates. Click for more information…


  • Where to Study: Knowing what career you are interested in is important, as is having a good idea what courses may lead you towards success in your chosen field. Deciding where to study may be just as critical. In this section, we provide state-by-state college guides, providing you with top reasons to study in a given state as well as information on some of the top public and private colleges and universities. Click for more information…


  • Apply to College: Deciding to attend college is only a first step in the process. Once you’ve figured out what degree you want to study, which states you like to live and study in, you’ll need to narrow your list of potential colleges. Next you’ll have to start applying for admission –a process that can seem daunting to many prospective students. In this section, you will find plenty of information, useful resources and tips to guide you as you go through the process of applying to the colleges you have selected. Click for more information…


  • Paying for College: In this section, you can read articles to help you get the information you need to help you find the right financing for your college education. We cover everything from the basics, including how financial aid works as well as tips on how to win a college scholarship here. Click for more information…


Need Help Deciding What Career is Right For You?

A big mistake that many people make when choosing careers is to make decisions based on popularity or earning potential. While these two factors are important, they are not sufficient reasons for making important career decisions. No matter how popular or well-paying a job or career may be, if you have no passion or natural interest in it, you will most likely not be satisfied. And in most cases, you won’t do as well as people who have a natural inclination for the field or career.  And that’s where pyschometric tests can help. In partnership with, College Mouse provides you with the opportunity to research what potential careers best match your character, personality, interests and values. For $24.95 (less than the cost of a upscale restaurant meal), you can get a comprehensive report that will help make sure your career choices match your own personal strengths.  For more on the Career Test and Career Counseling, click here. 

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