Sales and marketing professionals promote and maximize sales of products and services in designated markets. This may be in their home market or overseas, direct to the end-user or through agents and wholesalers. Sales and marketing professionals also identify new markets for their products or services. Public Relations professionals, on the other hand, are primarily involved with activities that help to create a positive public image of the organizations they represent.

Learn about potential careers in sales, marketing and public relations, and the skills and training that you need to succeed in this area.

How to Become a Market Researcher

Updated on 14 August 2014
A business is only as successful as its marketing. Whether it's formal advertising or word-of-mouth, without understanding their target audience,...
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How to Become a Demonstrator

Updated on
Demonstrating products and services is an essential part of marketing, promoting, and selling a variety of consumer items. Demonstrators are...
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