HomePage_StateSearchWhen all is said and done, paying for college usually ends up costing way more than you thought it would in the beginning. While tuition costs are high enough, as a student you must also take into account paying for books, traveling expenses, a computer, and keeping a roof over your head. For non-traditional students hoping to return to school to jump-start their career, these costs can be overwhelming and even impossible without the help of federal or private lenders.

In this section, you can read articles to help you get the information you need to help you find the right financing for your college education. We cover everything from the basics, including how financial aid works as well as tips on how to win a college scholarship. For a list of hundreds of scholarships, check out our scholarship opportunities page. You will also learn about alternative ways to finance your college education, including loans, and how to save even more money through internships, externships, and work-study programs.

Tips to afford college

Eight tips to afford college with fewer to no loans

Updated on 9 March 2018
The first year of college can be so expensive that many students end up questioning whether they can finish or...
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5 ways to finance a college degree

5 Ways to Finance a College Degree

Updated on 10 February 2018
Going to college can be a great investment for anyone who wants to advance their career. That said, it is...
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Winter Scholarship

A 14 Day Winter Scholarship Game Plan for College Students

Updated on 23 November 2017
This winter, don’t be out in the cold and out of money. Most colleges run on a semester schedule, which...
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How to Graduate from College Debt-Free

Updated on 24 July 2017
Worries about paying for college plague almost every college-bound student--and for good reason. As of 2016, the average college graduate left...
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How to Graduate Without College Debt

Updated on 15 June 2017
In 2016, the average college graduate finished school with a degree and $37,172 in college debt, according to US News....
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Scholarships Deadline Alert – Apply before the end of June

Updated on 3 June 2017
Still looking for help funding your college tuition? If so, read on to check out 15 great scholarships with June...
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