How to choose your career and get off to a flying start in 2017

Written by

Daniel Musiitwa


January 15, 2017


How to choose your career

Are you planning to go to college this year? Or are you looking to reboot your career by switching to something more fulfilling? Do you need help on how to choose a career? Whether you are a high school senior weighing your college options or a mid-career working professional looking to switch careers or make a fresh start, the start of the year is usually a great time to assess your options.

Here at College Mouse, we’ve got you covered with resources on how to research your career. Use our tools and resources to help you research hundreds of potential careers, find the right degree to suit your career ambitions, and information on how to finance your college dreams, including hundreds of scholarships.

​How to Choose Your Career

Step 1: Research Careers

You need information in order to make the right career choices. Our careers section has detailed descriptions for over 700 careers in 21 different job categories. For each job, we provide information on what the job entails on a day-to-day basis, projected demand and career prospects, expected pay, and qualifications needed. We also provide links to additional resources, including help to find the right college degree or diploma.

Step 2: Choose a degree

So, you have decided on what career to pursue. Next you will need to decide what degree to enroll for and at which college. Depending on your circumstances, you will want to decide whether to study full-time or part-time. You will also need to think carefully about where you want to study – in-state or out-of-state. For many students, going out-of-state can be an attractive option, particularly, if this means that you will be going to a state or city with greater prospects than your home town. Studying in the Washington, DC metro area, for example, makes sense if your goal is to work for the federal government. Likewise, choosing to enroll for an IT degree in California will put you closer to potential employers in that sector.

College Mouse provides detailed state-by-state descriptions to help you assess the pros and cons to going to college in different states, plus links to leading colleges and universities in each state. We also offer a user-friendly college degree search tool, to help you narrow your options.


Step 3: Find scholarships


College Mouse has information on hundreds of scholarships available for students attending college in the United States. Whatever your major, you will likely find a scholarship that matches your needs.  

Learn more about these scholarships by clicking here. We’ve carefully curated our scholarship lists by major to make it easy for you to find the scholarships that suit you. Our lists also include special scholarships for women, minorities and international students.


Other resources on how to choose your career

In summary, in order to get your career on the right path, first you need to figure out what potential career suits your interest and abilities. College Mouse has many useful resources on how to choose your career. Once you have decided on 1-3 options, you will need to decide what degree you need to pursue and what school you want to enroll in. Use the College Mouse Degree Search tool  to find the right course and college for you, and get started towards your new dream job today!

Research careers

Research degrees

Find colleges

Find out the pros and cons of studying in each of the 50 states

Find scholarships


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Written by:  Daniel Musiitwa

A Maryland resident, Daniel has worked in international development for many years. Outside work, he enjoys reading and traveling.

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