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Why join the College Mouse Counselor Network?

Shared Success

Our success is aligned to yours. We don’t directly offer career services ourselves. Our reputation depends on the quality of your work, which is why we painstakingly research all the counselors we sign up on our network. 


Before we assign you a client, we will make sure that you are available by checking with you first. This way, you are never in  a situation where you are having to take on more than you can handle. 


Our platform is built on over five years of serving the college-bound student community. Through the different services and resources we provide to students and professionals, we have built a reputation for caring deeply about the success of our clients. 


We will respond to any requests for information or support within 24 hours. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How does College Mouse promote my services?

College Mouse uses various tools, including direct mail and online marketing (both paid and organic) to reach your potential clients. We market across all 50 states and can guarantee at least one qualified lead a year.  

How will I receive leads?

You will receive leads to in two ways – either through our online client form or directly when potential clients reach out using the information available on your profile. For leads that come through the contact form, we will reach out to you to confirm your availability before sending you the lead.  

Does College Mouse guarantee a minimum number of leads for my annual subscription?

Yes, we guarantee to send you at least one qualified lead a year, or your listing will be free. 

How do I go about contributing blog posts/articles to College Mouse?

As a member of our counselor network, you can also build your profile and earn extra income by contributing articles to the College Mouse career blog. Contributors earn $30 for every accepted blog post. Please submit your proposed blog/article by email to: 

I am interested in running a webinar and/or an online course on the College Mouse platform. How does this work?

We are always on the look out for potential partners. If you have an idea for a career related webinar or online course, we would like to hear from you. If there is a fit, we will negotiate terms on a project-by-project basis. For course partners, our preferred model is a joint venture, where we provide an upfront advance and cover the production costs, in return for a share of all revenues from course sales. For webinars, we will pay a one-off fee for the exclusive right to run the webinar on our platform.  

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