How to Become a Network Administrator

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Ray Grant Walden


August 14, 2014


Network administrators, analysts and engineers monitor and perform maintenance on a variety of computer hardware, software, and networks. Learn how to become a network administrator and browse network administrator salary info and degree programs.

Network administrators are needed today because our modern world depends on the use of computers. Nearly all computers are connected to each other by networks. Computer networks can be local (home or business), regional (corporations) or global (the Internet). Due to constant security threats, computer networks require monitoring, regular maintenance and upgrading. New networks need to be be built, computer hardware needs to be repaired, and software needs to be secure. Network administrators, analysts, and engineers are responsible for these tasks.

What does a network administrator do?

Considered Tier 3 Support personnel, Network Administrators are charged with the responsibility of building, monitoring and performing maintenance on the components that make up computer networks. Network Analysts configure, deploy, maintain, and monitor computer networks, ensuring smooth and efficient operation.

Network admins assemble the nodes, lines, and switches for local area networks (LANs) and wide area networks (WANs), creating connections between several workstations by using cables and wireless technology. Network Engineers ensure the proper function of computer networks by making certain components are connected properly throughout the LAN/WAN infrastructure and by monitoring server deployment and security.

What kind of training does a network administrator need?

To become a network administrator, some training is needed. Most employers require network engineers or administrators to have broad technical knowledge and experience in network administration partnered with formal education. Most network admins have bachelor degrees in computer science, information systems, mathematics, or other related field. Some employers may accept a 2-year program with extensive related experience. For more complex management positions, employers may require a graduate degree, in addition to experience.

Network analysts can specialize, working toward certifications focused on specific software or hardware platforms such as Novell and Cisco networks. There are also generalized certifications available. Generalized network administration certifications allow job seekers to pursue opportunities in a broad array of networking fields.

What are the prospects for a career in network administration?

As corporations expand and upgrade to advance technology and platforms become more complex, the field of network administration is expected to grow. Large organizations are using more complex networking and linking LANs and WANs with Internet and intranet connections. The increasing use of these complex systems and advanced technology creates a high demand for technical workers. Business and security are important issues that will also create demand for qualified employees.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, network administration careers are projected to grow faster than average for all occupations. Job prospects should be excellent for qualified applicants who have a solid foundation in technology and various networks and extensive work experience. Specialized technical knowledge is also an important asset.

Network Administrator Salary: How much do network admins make?

According to a recent review of, the network administrator salary for the middle 50 percent of entry-level network administrators was between $42,829 and $54,644. The network administrator salary for the highest 10 percent was more than $60,675.

A career in network administration is a great choice for people who enjoy monitoring and maintaining computer networks and working to solve problems. Candidates must be able to pay close attention to detail and work under pressure. Strong communication, teamwork, and interpersonal skills are also essential for becoming a network administrator.

Take the Next Step to Becoming a Network Administrator …

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Written by:  Ray Grant Walden

Ray Grant Walden attended American University College and now lives in Houston. He has enjoyed a very exciting career and has experience in a wide variety of professions, including college counseling.

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