How to Become an iPad Technician

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Ray Grant Walden


August 14, 2014


How to Become an iPad TechnicianiPads are everywhere these days. A sophisticated line of Apple tablet computers, iPads are making their way into a wide range of industries, providing easy access to a variety of features and applications. Knowing how to use one is useful, but knowing how to fix one is even better. Since these devices are complex and highly technical, specialized iPad technicians are needed to provide technical support and perform maintenance and repair. Learn how to become an iPad technician and find out about the average iPad technician salary below.

What does an iPad technician do?

An iPad technician should be able to perform specialized maintenance and repairs on all iPad devices, including first, second, and third generation iPads. He or she must be able to resolve most technical malfunctions and troubleshoots issues with customers. Most iPad technicians use special tools to disassemble the iPad and access the defective components. Testing the performance of the iPad, the iPad technician ensures the function of key features and assesses the device to identify malfunction. Good iPad technicians will also clean the tablet using specialized materials. Providing general end-user support wherever they can, iPad technicians work for a variety of companies, from small businesses to large corporations like Apple.

What kind of training does an iPad technician need?

To become an iPad technician, some technical and computer-related experience is more than necessary. Although a degree is not required, many employers seek iPad technicians with a bachelor‘s degree in computer science or a related field. And certainly, if one aspires to venture into more advanced areas of computer and information technology, a degree will be necessary. Most employers prefer individuals who have previous experience with the maintenance and repair of Apple products in particular, including iPads, iPhones, and iPods. A lot of iPad technicians complete the AppleCare Technician Training in order to become certified as an AppleCare Technician. You can purchase the training package through the Apple website. Materials cover various topics, such as general computer terminology, Apple product architectures, and Apple technologies. The course prepares you for the Apple Service Examination certification. iPad technicians are typically required to stay on top of all of the changes in Apple technology, as well as keep track of all iPad updates. Many complete continuing education programs and attend informational seminars.

There are many colleges that are also approved Apple Training Centers, thus allowing prospective students to obtain the relevant apple certifications they seek in addition to their bachelor’s degree. 

What are the prospects for a career as an iPad technician?

From 2010 to 2020, the employment of computer support specialists, including iPad technicians, is projected to increase 18 percent. This is considered as fast as average for all jobs. As organizations upgrade their technology to the iPad, more support services will be needed to assist users with this product. iPad technicians will be needed to respond to repair and upgrade requests. Employment growth should be prosperous in a variety of industries that are incorporating wireless technology, such as healthcare and education. Job opportunities should be great, particularly for iPad technicians with a bachelor’s degree and previous experience working with the iPad, iPhone, and iPod.

iPad Technician Salary: How much do iPad technicians make?

According to, the average annual iPad technician salary was $41,000 as of this year. According to job postings around the U.S., however, the average iPad technician salary is around 42 percent lower than the average pay for all nationwide job postings. Actual annual iPad technician salaries will vary greatly, depending on your individual employer, location, education, and experience.

A career as an iPad technician is a great choice for individuals who have a strong interest in working on wireless Internet devices and who demonstrate a general love for all Apple merchandise. An iPad technician should have excellent communication skills and be able to provide optimal customer service. Good problem-solving abilities, attention to detail, and multitasking skills are also endearing in these workers. Those interested in designing for each and every Apple product may be interested in learning more about how to become a Mac programmer or Apple technician.

Becoming an iPad Technician Requires Skills & Training, Start Today

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Written by:  Ray Grant Walden

Ray Grant Walden attended American University College and now lives in Houston. He has enjoyed a very exciting career and has experience in a wide variety of professions, including college counseling.

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  • Whoever wrote this article does not have a clue about ipad repair. For one thing you will never learn to fix ipads in college. You will only learn to do it by doing it with a qualified person who has learned to do it. Bachelors degree? I dont think so. Most repair deals with digitizer screen glass breakage and to sit and replace screens all day long will quickly shorten your career. Screen breakage also results in broken LCD’s, torn cables and other damage. They can be difficult and stressful to work on. The Apple IOS certification does not train you to fix ipads. It only trains you how to identify for swap replacement. Apple does not repair ipads. I know I am certified IOS Apple specialist and a Apple certified service provider for all Mac products. It is only 3rd party shops that learn to physically repair ipads or who like myself will independently take the time to learn to fix it in our shop for our school district.

    I have been working on them for over 2 years now, and I have gotten to the point I cant stand working on them. So, before you write this type of article try doing some research first.

    • So, Scott, where did you learn to fix iPads? What I really mean is, where can I? Our school district has no one that works on them, and they are beginning to stack up in our school and gather dust, which is heartbreaking after all the hoops we jumped through to acquire them. Sent from Fort Smith, AR. Thanks!

  • Dear Scott,

    Thanks for your feedback, which is well taken and accepted. As you correctly write, one does not need to have a bachelor’s degree in order to learn how to repair ipads or become an Apple certified technician or any other computer support professional. And that’s a point we make in the article as well. However, as the article indicates, having a degree can be very useful for advancing in the field.

    Grateful that you took the time to write back and to provide some very good insights.

    Best Regards,

    CollegeMouse Team