Barbara Newman


I am former psychotherapist and current Certified Coach in Los Angeles, with expertise in life change and career coaching and counseling, focusing on personal growth, transition and leadership development. 

Along with my private practice of 25+ years, I’ve worked in the corporate arena, coaching internal employees and laid-off workers to navigate corporate politics and attain success in their careers. 

As a coach, because of my background as a marriage and family therapist, I encourage an understanding of human nature and individual perspectives that shape beliefs and actions. I will partner with you to facilitate your ability to be accountable so you can tap into your personal strengths to create the changes you need to make to help you reach your goals. I believe that people can be very adaptable in order to make their lives better. I also believe that being agile in one’s career path creates opportunities for being more competitive in the job market. Together, we will work to clarify your goals and determine which choices are best for you. 

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