Cheryl Planert

Cheryl Planert’s greatest joy is to support people in the process of personal change. She calls it a moment of great courage when a person owns their right to be fully expressed and when s/he steps into a more complete embodiment of who they authentically are.

Cheryl earned her Masters degree in the fields of Movement Psychotherapy and Marriage and Family Therapy. For most of her 30+ years as a therapist, she worked with emotionally disturbed infants, children, adults, and seniors. Many of her clients were defending against emotions that they weren’t able to express. They repeatedly chose self-defeating and depressing living patterns. Many battled their way through life. Committing to work with Cheryl means intending to find ways to express and balance the life forces, so that the goals of living in community, relating lovingly, and working peacefully can be attained.

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