Christopher Lowery

Dr. Lowery has worked in the medical, vocational and rehabilitation industry since 2002.  He is a qualified health and human service professional who serves as a Health and Rehabilitation Consultant. He specializes in psychiatric psychosocial health and rehabilitation services, such as employment counseling, assessment and evaluation, earnings capacity evaluations, domestic/family violence intervention and education, anger management intervention and education, health education and disease prevention, disability case management, life care planning, expert witness testimony, litigation support, catastrophic case evaluation and management, medical record review and bill audit, and assistive technology evaluation. He provides these services to individuals diagnosed with a physical, mental or emotional disorder, and who may be considered to have a health impairment. He also assists the medical and legal industry through our Medical Direct-Hire Placement Staffing Solutions program by recruiting medical or legal professionals and helping companies with their permanent staffing needs.

  • Christopher Lowery
  • (713) 597-3698
  • Healthways Services, 13831 Northwest Freeway Suite 171, Houston, Texas, 77040, United States

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