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Dr. Dan Vosgerichian earned his doctorate in Educational Psychology with a specialization in Sport and Performance Psychology from Florida State University, and his Masters of Education in Counseling and Psychology from Springfield College in Massachusetts. Dr. Dan brings a very empowering perspective to coaching and consulting. He specializes in working with businesses, executives, organizations, athletes, and performers to reach their full potential.

Dr. Dan works with his clients to go from good to great by emphasizing two key concepts: 1.) an achievement mindset dedicated to excellence, and 2.) a mental perspective devoted to appreciation and fulfillment. Dr. Dan uses the latest scientific evidence from performance psychology and personal development to provide his clients with the best coaching concepts available to-date.

Dr. Dan specializes in executive coaching, organizational development, mental game coaching for athletes, life coaching, and therapeutic and non-therapeutic hypnosis.

  • Dan Vosgerichian
  • (321) 236-3645
  • The LifeSource Group, 248 Southpark Circle East, Saint Augustine, 32086, United States
  • https://drdanv.com/

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