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Dr. Jonathan E. Smith has a wide range of administrative/management experiences beginning with serving as a United States Marine. He’s led others as a supervisor, director, and President and CEO of The Wellness Collaborative. Dr. J.E. Smith honed his skills by providing over a decade of individual, couple, and family counseling and working several years in the crisis intervention and crisis stabilization field in the States of California and Virginia.

He is an Organizational Psychologist with the ability to address cutting edge issues in management, education and training, business and organizational development, and systems design impacting health care, community services and public administration. Dr. J.E. Smith’s experience and knowledge equips him to share with others as a marriage and family therapist, minister, coach, consultant and author, and allows him to facilitate positive change in people’s lives. It is Dr. J.E. Smith’s life’s purpose to help people maximize their relationship with God and each other at home, church and the workplace.

  • Jonathan E. Smith
  • (757) 412-7753
  • The Wellness Collaborative, LLC, 301 Riverview Ave, Suite 500, Norfolk, Virginia, 23510, United States

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