Laurie Sivonen


I thoroughly enjoy the work I do and am constantly in awe of the strengths and capacity people bring to their lives.

Our bodies, our lives and our children do not come with manuals, and we change as we grow and age. We could all use some support along the way.

Over the years I have found helpful tools for improved living, such as Mindset, using Mindfulness, understanding the impact of stress and trauma on how we experience the world, and what we can do to increase our level of peace and joy.

As a former teacher I am thrilled to continue learning and teaching important skills for living.

I began my professional life teaching in off-site schools for teenage youth-at-risk and have always had a soft spot for quirky, challenging children. I appreciate their ‘realness’ and their unwillingness to accept anything but authentic connection.

I have worked with children in schools as a school social worker, and have worked with adults and families in a variety of venues, including individual sessions and groups. I thrive on the diversity and look forward to getting to know you.

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