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August 14, 2014


nurse_degree.JPG” alt=”Nursing Degree” /> An online nursing education equips students with a solid background in an essential and exciting field. Excellence in the nursing field is attributable to a winning combination of human compassion and advanced medical technology. People who are compassionate, detail-oriented, responsible, and have a strong desire to provide attention and care to those in need will find nursing to be a rewarding career.

Nursing Jobs

Nursing is by far the most popular occupation within the healthcare field. With millions of positions available around the country at any given time, one of the best perks of being a nurse is that the employment outlook is always good. Predictions show that over half a million more jobs will be created over the course of the next seven years. The employment of registered nurses is projected to grow much faster than average for all professions, increasing 23% by 2016, adding 587,000 new jobs (2).

Luckily, this high demand for nurses has finally carried over into the online education industry. While you once had to attend a traditional college or university to get your nursing degree, you can now enroll in an accredited nursing program online, from the convenience of your own home. Exams and assignments can be easily completed and submitted via a computer with an internet connection. You can still get hands-on experience with real patients at a local healthcare facility.

Online Registered Nursing Degrees

Accredited online nursing programs provide students with a strong foundation in the health sciences and nursing practices as well as hands-on experience in real-world medical settings. Online nursing programs provide students with the sound medical education and clinical experience needed to successfully become a registered nurse, a very flexible career choice allowing for many different specialties. Aspiring nurses who thrive in stressful, high-pressure environments may enjoy working as Trauma Nurses. On the other hand, those who are more interested in the technical aspects of nursing may enjoy becoming Radiology Nurses or Infusion Nurses.

Many aspiring registered nurses often start out as Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) or Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) and then become registered nurses after earning their BSN. All students wishing to become a registered nurse must first pass the National Certification Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX). Earning a bachelor degree is also recommended for those planning to become a registered nurse. Those who wish to concentrate on one specific area (such as occupational health nursing or neuroscience nursing) may pursue a postgraduate education in nursing.

In general, a bachelor’s degree in nursing requires foundational coursework in liberal arts and basic sciences along with major courses in Biology and Microbiology, Chemistry, Health and Nutrition, Human Anatomy and Physiology, Human Growth and Development, Pharmacology, Adult and Geriatric nursing, Public Health Nursing, Pediatric Nursing, and Nursing Principles and Ethics.

Clinical components enable students to treat patients, administer medical procedures and medications, analyze patient records, and perform many other routine nursing tasks. Master degree programs prepare students to focus on a specific area and pursue advanced nursing positions. Doctorate degrees are required for many research and teaching positions.

Browse the online nursing degree programs listed below and seriously consider starting your nursing career today. Graduating with an online nursing degree is the future. Online nursing programs provide students with an education of high quality and great flexibility. If you still feel a bit uncertain, our article detailing the six reasons why you should study nursing online will surely convince you.

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Written by:  George D. Baker

George D. Baker is a long-time contributor to College Mouse. Now retired, Mr. Baker volunteers at adult education programs in his local community.

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