Aug 17, 2017

Top Ten Law Schools in the US: Best Law Schools in the Country

If you love studying and can always win an argument or debate, you should consider going to law school, earning your law degree and becoming a lawyer. If you"re going to become a lawyer, check out these top ten (10) law schools in the US. There"s no better way to start your career in law than with a graduate degree from one of the best law schools in the country! What are the best law schools in America?

Top Ten Law Schools in the US: Best Law Schools in the Country


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Top 10 Law Schools in the US: Study Law at the Best Law School in the Country

Is it any surprise that five of the best law schools in the US are Ivy League colleges? If you want to go to one of the top 10 ranked law schools in the country, you"re going to have to study law and earn your degree on the East Coast. Making the top of list as one of the best colleges to study pretty much anything, many sources confirm that Harvard University is the best law school in the country, but it isn"t cheap to study there.

Ivy League Law School Tuition Costs

Tuition to attend Harvard law school costs just over $53,000, but that still costs less than a law degree from Yale, which ranks as a slightly less prestigious degree that costs a little bit more. Columbia University, Cornell, and University of Pennsylvania all make the list of top law schools in the US, but they don"t rank as well and they cost more than attending Harvard. If you"re trying to choose between Ivy League law schools, go to Harvard!

Best Non Ivy League Law Schools on the West Coast for Less

Unfortunately, attending a top ten law school is not cheap. A law degree from any of our top law schools"Ivy League or otherwise"will cost around $50,000, but you"ll pay the lower end for a non Ivy League law degree and still get a top ranked law degree that will pave the way for a prestigious legal career. If you want to attend the best law school on the West Coast, check out the law schools at Stanford and Berkeley.

Top 10 Law Schools With Lower Tuition Costs

If you want a good law degree with slightly lower tuition rates, check out Georgetown University ($50,000) in Washington D.C. or New York University ($48,000), two more of the top 10 best law schools in the USA. University of Notre Dame is a top law school located in the Midwest that doesn"t receive the same rankings as Ivy League law schools but still will help you graduate with a prestigious law degree for less, with tuition prices around $48,000.

Earn the Best Law Degree from the Top Ten Law Schools in America

Earning a quality law degree from one of the top ten best law schools in the USA is not cheap or easy. However, receiving a law degree from America"s top law schools will cement the foundation of a lucrative career that will be both challenging and rewarding. Being a lawyer will give you the opportunity to defend the ideals of the US Constitution and the American legal system.

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