Aug 21, 2017

Online Certificates

With tuition costs and unemployment rates on the rise, online certificate programs have grown increasingly popular in recent years. Today, adult students are looking for quick answers to the question: "How can I gain skills quickly and increase my professional value?" Whether it’s entry-level career training or advanced skills that will help you move up in your chosen field, a certificate or diploma program that you can complete in six months to a year may be just the thing to jumpstart your career as soon as possible.

Get Your Education Fast

Are you tired of working jobs that require no skill? Enroll in one of these healthcare certificate/diploma programs and be working in a hospital or healthcare setting in as little as one year from now. In general, online diploma and certificate programs include fewer than 10 courses. These academic and occupational certificates are available at both the undergraduate and graduate level." "


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Here you will find up-to-date information about on-campus and online certificate and diploma programs currently available from the best accredited online colleges. This information is updated hourly so you know you are always accessing the best online certificate programs. Make sure you sign up before your certicate program fills up!

In 2004, a large percentage " 81 percent, to be exact " of all current undergraduate students were enrolled in certificate programs for a
particular career field. That translates to roughly one million students for that year alone! The most popular focus: Business and Marketing (28%), followed closely by healthcare (21%). Education was 3rd at a healthy 12%.

Select a school or certificate program above that interests you to learn more about the program and the university. You will be contacted by the respective school and an information packet will be sent to you. This packet contains all the information you need to enroll in your choice of online diploma program.

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Not finding the online degree program that best suits you? Check out our online degree programs database, which offers up-to-date information about all of the best online certificates, as well as associate, bachelor, master, and doctorate degree programs. Do you know what the difference is between a college degree and a certificate program? We feature online degree programs in whatever field interests you the most, only available from accredited online colleges .

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